Card and Hero pages have been updated with the cards shown at TwitchCon 2016 for your viewing pleasure.

  • There are some changes between the Community Alpha and the TwitchCon Build.
  • Some cards will have different names/art (for example, Sturdy Squire/Dawnchaser).
  • The mana and attack damage attributes should remain the same.
  • Please remember that these are only the cards shown at TwitchCon 2016 and other decks and cards are still under NDA as per Spiritwalk's request.

Now that Twitchcon is open, people are filing in and hitting up the Shardbound booth to get a little playtime in! Be sure to tune in at to see your favourite streamers try it out for themselves!

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Spiritwalk's CEO @paradoxiq announcing Shardbound at the Industry Keynote in Kappa Theater. #TwitchCon Visit #booth600 to play Shardbound!!

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People are playing our video game!

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Shardbound Hype!

Pluto and Mikella playing Shardbound on stream:

Dibs and Zalgus checking out a Shardfall:

A familiar face from Dawngate, DistractedElf is back to try Shardbound!:

Spiritwalk Gasty is posting some behind the scenes setup pictures as the Spiritwalk team get ready for Twitchcon this weekend. Check them out!

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Building the booth! We're right in front as you come through the doors!

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Now with computers thanks to @Alienware

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We're also right next to the main twitch stage!

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TVs up and running!

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Getting the booth ready for where our awesome influencers will be streaming the game from!

See the previous news post below for the full schedule this weekend for Shardbound @ Twitchcon!

Spiritwalk Games posted their schedule for Twitchcon where some familiar faces from Dawngate (and the rest of the internet!) will be playing Shardbound this weekend! All times are in PST so be sure to tune in if you can!

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We're going to TwitchCon to show off our game! We'll be streaming from the booth, so make sure to tune in at

Spiritwalk Games has now publicly announced their debut game Shardbound on their website where everyone can get a sneak peek on what Spiritwalk has been working hard on all these months!

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Collectible Tactics Gameplay
Shardbound is a collectible tactics game. As you play, you’ll collect hundreds of units and build armies to compete head-to-head with other players in matches of cunning and skill. Use positioning, the terrain, and your units’ unique abilities to achieve victory.

A World of Opportunity
A great land rush has begun: the shards of an ancient, broken world are falling from the sky. Establish a Noble House alone or with friends, then head Shardbound to complete objectives and secure riches and fame. As the world changes, join the heroes of Shardbound in episodic story content.

Built to Stream
When a Twitch Streamer goes Shardbound, anyone watching them can join the fight, completing their own matches under the Streamer’s banner. Such an alliance can clear Shards quickly, giving everybody involved a greater share of loot.

Now that Shardbound is announced to the public, it also means the game's subreddit is now open for everyone to view at As Shardbound is still invite-only, plebs unfortunate people can check out all the fun they're missing what Spiritwalk has been up to.

Old friend of the Dawngate community, big boss (and co-founder of Spiritwalk) Dave (Paradoxiq) has explained more about the subreddit in the post below:

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Hi guys,
For those of you who are new here, I'm Dave, one of the co-founders of Spiritwalk Games. My goal with this post is to set expectations about where Spiritwalk is in the development of Shardbound, and to explain why this subreddit is open to all when the game itself is not.

Shardbound is currently Pre-Alpha. It is currently a work-in-progress that won't be feature-complete until sometime next year. We are developing without a strict NDA for two main reasons:

  • Developing directly with a player base makes the game better
  • Developing with strict NDAs is arduous and creates unnecessary overhead that doesn't make the game better

However, being open here creates a dilemma: information can flow freely on this subreddit, but access to Shardbound is still invite-only, and will be for the foreseeable future.

We realize that this might create a disjointed experience as this sub-Reddit will be visited by people who have access, and people who do not. Rather than try to control that experience ourselves, we turn this over to you guys.

Feel free to talk with each other, feel free to ask and answer questions. Just please understand a couple of things:

  • Everything is subject to change
  • We are letting players in as best benefits testing - it might be a while until you receive an invite

Thanks for your support, patience, and energy.
Dave and your friends at Spiritwalk

We're getting some things ready for the site launch during TwitchCon 2016, so things may appear rather incomplete (or possibly broken). Please make sure to follow our Twitter for site news in the meantime.