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Patch Notes #42- Packrunner reworks and card tunings & Reaver's Mire improvements!

Packrunner Overhaul
Dev Note: Packrunner has been overhauled this week, with these goals in mind:
  • Introducing more interesting choices and deck variety through the Bond keyword
  • Making Primal minions more consistently themed (and less the focus of the entire faction)
  • Increase moment to moment choices both playing as and against Yellow
  • Increase overall effectiveness, while removing frustrating win conditions
This is the first (big) step towards setting up Yellow for long term success. Yellow cards will still need further adjustments and/or replacements as we get data back from live. Please continue to give feedback about your successes, failures and feelings playing as and against Packrunner going forward.

As many cards new cards have been added, many cards have likewise been removed. Here’s a cheat sheet on how card ownership is transferring:

  • Primal Vim → Strength of Bonds
  • Wolf Primal → Blood Brother
  • Rites Reader → Tracker Primal
  • Winged Primal → Kiza Skirmisher
  • Pack Mentality → Spearmaiden
  • Alpha Packmaster → Balos Ambusher
  • Roar: Strength → Nature’s Herald
  • Idol of Eternity → Lozar Tactician
  • Ghost Primal → Guerilla Raider
  • Hunting Scout → Toka Warrior
  • Pack Lord → Primeval Exalt
New Keyword: Bond. Bonds with a friendly minion when played, giving both this card and the target an effect until either is removed with the battlefield.

New Cards
  • Strength of Bonds
    • Spell for 1 mana.
    • Give an ally and any minions it’s bonded with +2 Attack this turn.
  • Spearmaiden
    • 4/2 Melee minion for 2 mana.
    • Deathhowl: Add two Throwing Spears to your hand.
  • Throwing Spear (Spearmaiden token only)
    • Spell for 1 mana.
    • Deal 1 damage to an enemy in line of sight.
  • Blood Brother
    • 3/4 Melee minion for 2 mana.
    • Can move to open tiles next to your hero.
  • Toka Warrior
    • 3/4 Melee minion for 2 mana.
    • Warcry: Bond to a friendly minion, giving +2 Attack
  • Kiza Skirmisher
    • 5/3 Melee minion for 3 mana.
    • Warcry: Bond to a friendly minion, giving +2 Movement.
  • Tracker Primal (Primal replacement for Rites Reader)
    • 5/4 Melee Primal minion for 4 mana.
    • Warcry: Draw a card for each injured enemy minion.
  • Balos Ambusher
    • 4/6 Melee minion for 4 mana.
    • Warcry: Bond to a friendly minion, giving Shroud
  • Guerilla Raider (Non-Primal replacement for Ghost Primal)
    • 4/5 Melee minion for 4 mana.
    • Deep Strike. Warcry: Fear adjacent enemies.
  • Lozar Tactician
    • 2/5 Ranged minion for 5 mana.
    • Warcry: Bond to a friendly minion, giving “After this minions deals ANY damage, draw a card.”
  • Primeval Exalt
    • 5/5 Melee minion for 5 mana.
    • Warcry: Gain +1/+1 for each minion you control.
  • Nature’s Herald
    • 6/9 Melee minion for 7 mana.
    • Warcry: Give all other allies +2 Attack this turn.
  • Visefang Primal has been reworked.
    • 2/4 Melee Primal minion for 1 mana.
    • Has +1 Attack for each injured enemy.
  • Idol of Kinship has been reworked.
    • 0/4 Artifact minion for 2 mana.
    • After you summon a non Spirit Primal minion, lose 1 Health and summon a Spirit Primal next to it.
  • Tribe Warrior has been reworked.
    • 3/6 Melee minion for 3.
    • After you summon a minion, gain +1 Attack this turn.
  • Viperfang Primal has been reworked.
    • 1/6 Ranged Primal minion for 4 mana.
    • Has Poison when attacking injured enemies.
  • Grand Wyrm Primal has been reworked.
    • 6/5 Melee Primal minion for 5 mana.
    • Can move to open tiles next to any injured enemy.
  • Moya Primal
    • Cost increased to 4, up from 3.
    • Attack increased to 4, up from 3.
    • Health increased to 6, up from 5.
    • Tooltip clarified.
  • Splinterwing Primal
    • Health increased to 4, up from 3.
  • Ancient Caller
    • Attack increased to 3, up from 2.
  • Roar Earbust
    • Cost reduced to 3, down from 4.
  • Strict Packmaster
    • No longer grants +2 Attack, now only grants Uncounterable.

Map Changes
  • Reaver’s Mire has been given a lighting and texture facelift. For Potato quality, we have hidden a number of objects to improve the framerate.
  • Before P1
  • After P1
  • Before P2
  • After P2

Options Menu
  • Added “Vertical Sync” and “Max FPS” settings to the Graphics options tab. If Vertical Sync is checked, the frame rate will attempt to match your monitor’s refresh rate (or some fraction thereof). If unchecked, the game will attempt to run at the specified maximum FPS (default: 60).
    • Lowering this value is useful to conserve battery power or reduce heat generation.
    • Increasing the value may increase responsiveness (for those with machines capable of running faster than 60fps who want mega responsiveness).

  • Error messaging when a friend request fails has been improved to let you know why the request failed.

Core Tech
  • Additional logging has been added to the client to support deck tracking.

  • UI screens at the end of a game (Valor Update, Vault Progress, Achievement Award, and other reward screens) can now be clicked through to advance to the next screen more quickly.
  • The game window can now be dragged to whatever size your heart desires, now that it supports a wide variety of resolutions.
    • There is a known issue where card tooltips will temporarily appear offset if you resize the window while in a match.
  • [Missed in last week’s patch notes: First Vault of the Day has been added to the Profile with a reset timer.]

Bug Fixes
  • Fix a bug where units spawned as a result of thrall summons during Night of the Living Dead could interfere with subsequent thrall summons.
  • Fixed a bug that could have resulted in blurry textures on characters in some situations.
  • The Player 1 and Player 2 assignment is now randomized to avoid queue time from affecting which position a player gets.

Zalgus' stream had plenty of sneak peeks this week, for an assortment of delights in the upcoming patch.

Today we started off with some concept art of the Purple Unit Night Horror with her brutal looking whip:

Reaver's Mire is getting some visual updates with more dynamic lighting/shading:

And a exciting sneak peek at some of the upcoming new cards for Oathkeeper Juro, including a look at the new 'Bond' Mechanic.

If you missed the dev stream, you can catch up on Spiritwalk's Twitch here!

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Patch Notes #41 - Ranked Play is in and we'll be iterating on it quite a bit, Arcanum Steward art, and P2 starts with 2 Mana!

New Art
  • Arcanum Steward now has art!

Gameplay Experiment
Developer Note: This is a test we’re running to be able to collect more accurate data around mana advantage. It may be switched off sometime during the week if we feel we’ve collected enough data.
  • Player 2 now starts with 2 mana.

New Feature: Ranked Play
Developer Note: Ranked will be coming in fully over several patches. Visuals, features, and tuning are all subject to change during the Pre-Season Testing Phase, the duration of which is TBD. Read More on Ranked Play Here.
  • With Ranked Play, you’ll able able to queue up on your Shardfalls and gain and lose Valor
  • You can freeze your rank by toggling “Off Duty” and your rank will remain unchanged
  • Earning Valor will progress you through the following Ranks:
In the first 2 Ranks, you cannot lose Valor in matches.
  • Initiate Ranger (0-299 Valor)
  • Novice Ranger (300-599 Valor)
In the following Ranks, you can gain and lose Valor through matches, but never be demoted once you’ve attained a Rank:
  • Bronze Class Ranger (600-899 Valor)
  • Silver Class Ranger (900-1199 Valor)
  • Gold Class Ranger (1200-1499 Valor)
  • Platinum Class Ranger (1500-1799 Valor)
  • Diamond Class Ranger (1800-2099 Valor)
  • Master Ranger (2100-2399 Valor)
In the final Rank, your numerical world ranking is displayed. The top Noble Rangers will also be displayed to all players in a Leaderboard on the Profile screen.
  • Noble Ranger (2400+ Valor)

Card Changes
  • Census Master
    • Proc animation and projectile speeds have been increased.
  • Cards with conditional bonuses from hand (Hunting Scout, Luminator Initiate, etc) will now have a colored highlight when those conditions are met.

Shardfall Changes
  • The drop rate of Card Boxes has been increased relative to Chroma.

Core Tech
  • The client has been upgraded to use a new version of Unreal Engine (14.5). This comes with a host of minor improvements. A few of these improvements are reflected in these patch notes, and we expect to leverage the new features over the next few patches as well.
  • Matchmaking will attempt to avoid matching you with the last player you matched against, to reduce playing the same opponent when both of you immediately re-queue.

  • The UI has been restructured to scale between 4:3 and 20:9 (ultrawide) aspect ratios. There are minor tweaks in a large amount of the UI to compensate for this adjustment.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the game to be unable to be fullscreen on a secondary monitor.
  • Fixed an issue that caused fullscreen to be offset if the Windows taskbar is on the left or top of the desktop.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where 2 Spirit Binder’s binding the same target could sometimes leave the target permanently bound.
  • Dancer and Shade can now correctly Charm/Fear a Lifelike Statue when it’s the only minion on the board.
  • Become dust no longer takes any under-the-hood Attack buffs into account when dusting artifacts.
  • Thralls cloned by sources such as Puppeteer or Being of Light still count as Thralls.
  • Idol of Eternity no longer draws off its owner’s hero’s death.
  • Game camera will now reposition properly when the game window is resized so that you can see the entire playing field.
  • Improved messaging around having an invalid deck selected when attempting to matchmake.
  • Improved deck list sorting to avoid cases where decks could get stuck out of order.

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Patch Notes - This patch has got a handful of card tunings, pylon adjustments, and spooky new Veil Shrieker art!

New Art
  • Veil Shrieker now has art!

Card Changes
  • Spirit Binder
    • Faction changed to Blue from Neutral.
    • Cost has been increased to 5, up from 4.

  • Mind Melter
    • Faction changed to Neutral from Blue.

  • Grand Defender has been reworked.
    • Faction: Neutral
    • Stats: 2/10 Melee minion for 5 Mana.
    • Card Text: Adjacent enemy minions are Rooted.

  • Weavebreaker
    • Cost has been increased to 5, up from 3.
    • Attack increased to 4, up from 3.
    • Health increased to 5, up from 4.

  • Shield of Durant
    • Attack reduced to 3, down from 4.

  • Perfected Specimen
    • Attack increased to 10, up from 8.
    • Health increased to 10, up from 8.

  • Temporal Technician
    • Health increased to 6, up from 4.

  • Brave Scryer
    • Deathhowl now adds 2 Precognition cards, up from 1.

  • Astral Champion
    • Attack reduced to 2, down from 3.
    • Health reduced to 2, down from 3.

  • Outlaw Class Mech Upgrade (1)
    • Attack reduced to 2, down from 3.
    • Health increased to 4, up from 2.

  • Outlaw Class Mech Upgrade (2)
    • Health reduced to 7, down from 8.

  • Strict Packmaster now also grants target Primal Uncounterable.

Card Rarity Changes
Dev Note: Minor rarity changes were made to account for Spirit Binder’s faction change.
  • Alternate Timeline Reality is now Rare, down from Epic.
  • Fork Existence is now Common, down from Rare.
  • Temporal Drifter is now Basic, down from Common.
  • Grand Defender is now Epic, up from Common (and has been reworked).

Shardfall Changes
  • The following pylon challenges no longer require winning the game to be completed:
    • Heavy Weapons
    • Small Arms
    • Conventional Weapon
    • Split The Arrow
  • The “Primal or Seedling Specialist” pylon has been updated to require a minimum number of cards of these types to exist in your deck and no longer requires you to play these minions in the game to get progress.

  • The Recent Progress section of the UI has been changed to be Recent Achievements. This should reduce clutter as it no longer pulls in all achievements that track the same stat, such as wins.

Core Tech
  • If your opponent fails to connect to a game, you will now get an error message telling you that that’s what happened instead of just going back to the Overworld.

  • Updated the achievement reward screen when unlocking cards to be more clear that you are getting two copies of the card.

Bug Fixes
  • Fix for player stats not displaying updated information after a game sometimes, including win count and rewards of Chroma, Boxes, and Cards.
  • Upgrade cards now display their rarity in game properly, instead of always appearing as basic cards.
  • The quest, “Tactical Genius” will now correctly count Charms, Fears, and Stuns on your own units.
  • Fixed a bug with Ghostblade’s tooltip in box opening.
  • The Pylon challenge requiring you to restore 10 or more Health to allies now correctly triggers even upon losing.

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Happy Monday, Rangers!

There’s a lot of activity in the studio this week! Almost everybody in the studio is involved with design and implementation for new features right now, and some exciting additions to Shardbound are on the horizon.

We’ll be digging into the upcoming changes on our usual livestream this Thursday the 11th at 4pm PDT. https://www.twitch.tv/spiritwalkgames.

This Week: Veil Shrieker, Tuning, Fixes
Here’s what to expect in this week’s patch!
  • Full art for the Veil Shrieker, ready to chase down your foes and make your Hero suffer!
  • Adjustments to Pylons, including a sweep to adjust deckbuilding challenges to be less dependant on winning to trigger. Pylons requiring players to Play X of a type of Minion now simply require players to build decks containing them, making triggering the pylons less draw-dependent.
  • Small balance changes on some over (and under) tuned cards.
  • Spirit Binder moves to the Fatekeeper faction, and Mind Melter moves to Neutral.

We look forward to your feedback on all of the adjustments in this patch. Keep sending us feedback and we’ll keep listening!

Ranked Play is Coming Soon!
While not dropping in this Tuesday’s patch, we’ll be introducing Ranked Play very soon - in the next few weeks, in fact! You’ll be able to hit our ladder and measure your skill against players around the world, so start training and get ready to show that you’re one of the top Rangers in the Shardveil!

We will want a lot of your feedback on our ranking system, and we will certainly be making changes to it as we navigate a “Preseason” of sorts while we’re in Early Access. We’ll discuss all the details on our weekly stream!

Big Packrunner Content Drop is Coming Soon!
A huge batch of Packrunner cards and playstyle changes should be dropping in the next few weeks. We’ve been fleshing out content that triggers off of injured enemy minions and are testing a few more experimental pieces of content that may or may not make the cut. All in all, the Packrunner faction is becoming much more cohesive with greater flexibility in your deckbuilding options. We’ll preview some of this content on our Thursday stream!

Continuing to Improve the Game Client
Work to improve stability and low-end performance is ongoing. On the stability front, we have been investigating Device Hung crashes. Epic, the company that develops Unreal Engine, has also been looking into this issue and has released a tool in conjunction with NVidia to help us narrow down the cause. We are working this week to integrate the changes needed to use this tool and hope to release it next week.

For low-end performance, we have reduced the GPU load for Broken Mesa on Potato settings to get those machines up to a playable framerate. This has made a notable difference, as our minspec machine in the office has improved from 15 to 20 FPS. If this proves useful in the wild, we will make similar changes to Embassy Gardens and Reavers Mire as well. Of course, these changes come with a quality reduction, so we are looking at adding a new Low setting to provide players with more choice.

Fan Art Fridays!
A reminder that we’re holding “Fan Art Fridays” every week, and awarding boxes to the talented artist whose work we feature on our social media channels. We’ll sign off this week with last friday’s winning piece, this adorable Lightdancer from RabbitKun!

Shine on!

This weeks dev stream focused on the maps this week. Designing, balancing, environmental art and everything that goes into making all those hexagons fit together properly to make a game enjoyable. If you missed it and want to catch up, you can see it here!

Zalgus started off by showing the map editor the dev team uses to create and edit maps. Below is an example of Broken Mesa sans skirt (background art, visual additions like grasses or rocks), with the top right being edited to represent an earlier version of the map. Tiles can be deleted, switched to boulders/high ground, rotated, etc. Bottom left is the Frozen Ramparts map in the editor, and then shown in game (with the Broken Mesa tileset.)

With balance changes still on going for the Frozen Ramparts, along with the artwork still in progress, it's not in the game yet. But we can expect to see new maps in the future, along with the ability to ban/veto certain maps when you play.

Zalgus also dropped a bunch of concept art this week including some really creepy (but super cool) orange concept units.

Orange Unit Concept (High Ground Units)

Arcanum Faction Unit Concept

Clockwise: Attack Animation Concept, Tomekeeper, Arcanum Professor, Spellboxer, Arcanum Steward and Runebound Valet.


Shade Concept Arts (Shade/Wraith/Ghost Archer/Phantom Betrayer/Etc)