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Patch Notes  - This patch is smaller than the last due to the short cycle, but we have wonderful new Weavebreaker art, Shardfall changes, and fixes for Achievements!

New Art
  • Weavebreaker now has art!

Shardfall Changes
  • The winning player is now always eligible for Vault Progress and rewards, regardless of minimum game requirements.
  • Adjusted the minimum game requirements needed for the losing player to receive Vault Progress and rewards.
  • Vault rewards have been increased:
    • The first vault of the day now drops 5 items, up from 3.
    • The base vault now drops 3 items, up from 2.
  • The number of ranged minions required for the “Split The Arrow” pylon has been reduced to 6, down from 8.
  • The number of minions with Deep Strike required for “Blitz Tactics” has been reduced to 3, down from 4.
  • The number of minions with Flying required for “Death from Above” has been reduced to 3, down from 4.
  • The number of minions with Deathhowl required for “The Last Laugh” has been reduced to 3, down from 4.

  • The number of Training Ground games required to complete The Botslayer achievement has been reduced to 250, down from 1000. NOTE: This achievement’s progress will update after completing one more bot game.
  • The set of achievements requiring in-game feats such as Lad Avenged require playing a PvP match, but the achievement text did not specify this. Those descriptions have been updated to state that they are PvP only.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug causing the First Vault of the Day to not be awarded correctly.
  • The icon for the First Win of the Day reward in the Rewards Screen now accurately reflects the reward of 25 Chroma.
  • Fix a bug with the quests that count minions (Artificer, Tribal Might) so that they trigger correctly when the exact amount of minions are played.
  • Players who queue into a game through a Twitch Event on a streamer’s Shardfall are now correctly eligible for rewards and achievements.
  • After returning to the Overworld from a game where a Twitch Event was completed, a new Twitch Event will now immediately spawn.
  • Fixed a bug with Hadrien and Flesh Pile triggering on-damage effects (such as Fatelinker, Lightspear Justicar, etc) doubly when overkilled by a damage redirect.
  • Fixed a visual bug with Vengeful Veteran’s sword glint effect.

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Patch Notes - As promised this Patch is a doozy with new Splinterwing Primal art, full list of unlockable achievements, login bonuses, weekly win bonuses, and big Shardfall changes!

New Art
  • Splinterwing Primal (previously Eagle Primal) now has art!
  • Fixed bugs on Novice Knight and Rankbreaker, and they now display correctly in card Info page
  • New Lighting and updated materials on Broken Mesa map.

Card Renames
  • Eagle Primal -> Splinterwing Primal

Card Changes
  • Thundering Giant has been reworked.
    • Neutral 6/9 Legendary Melee minion for 7.
    • Warcry: Deal 2 damage to all enemies in adjacent lines.
  • Weavebreaker Attack reduced to 3 from 4.
  • Shockblade Smuggler Health reduced to 4 from 5.
  • Splinterwing Primal (previous Eagle Primal) has been reworked.
    • Yellow 1/3 Ranged minion for 2.
    • Deals double damage to injured minions.
  • Rites Reader now only draws based on injured enemy minions, not all injured enemies.
  • Rites Reader attack down to 2 from 3.
  • Growler Primal may now be cast on any injured enemy.
  • Roar: Strength cost increased to 3 from 2.

New Feature: Achievements
  • Various achievements have been added to the game. You can see the full list here: http://steamcommunity.com/stats/586030/achievements
  • Each achievement will grant in game rewards. Some will even grant additional rewards as you make progress. These rewards are listed in the Profile in game.
  • Players will not be granted retroactive progress on achievements to keep everyone on an even playing field, so you may be the first to claim one!
  • A portion of Basic cards are now unlocked by completing achievements. Players who started playing Shardbound before this patch are granted those cards automatically, so they do not need to be unlocked.
    • For new players, Simple decks have been adjusted to not include these locked cards.
  • The achievement rewards are intended to quickly provide new players with cards, so they are replacing the 30 Core Set Box grant for new players. Existing players will get to keep the 30 boxes because we like you :)

New Feature: Login Bonuses
  • Each day you log in will now grant you a reward.
  • There are 24 rewards available each month. Each daily login will claim one reward, and a new set of 24 will be given at the end of each month.
    • Note: We are combining April and May into a single set of 24 rewards so that April’s rewards are obtainable.

New Feature: Weekly Wins Bonuses
  • Every three wins will grant an additional Core Set Box.
  • This reward may be redeemed up to three times each week, resetting Sunday night at 1 AM PDT.

Shardfall Changes
Shardfalls have undergone significant revisions based on player feedback:
  • Shardfalls are now unique for each player, and as such other members of your house can no longer contribute to your Shardfall’s Vault Progress.
    • Note: The multiplayer component of Houses and the ability for House Members to help provide value to other members will be reintroduced in a new system in an upcoming patch.
  • Pylon Rarity no longer correlates to how much value they provide, but instead represents how difficult they are to complete.
  • Shardfalls now contain 3 Pylons, down from 5.
    • Two of these Pylons are guaranteed on every Shardfall, and are as follows:
      • Play a game
      • Win a game
    • The third Pylon on a Sharfall is random from a pool of different relatively difficult challenges.
  • Vaults are no longer opened based on a variable amount of power, and are instead opened by breaking 9 discrete seals.
  • Pylons no longer reward Vault power, and instead now will break 1 Vault seal when completed.
  • Base Vault rewards have been lowered to account for them being completable in a much lower number of games on average with the new system.
  • There is now a First Vault of the Day bonus, which will provide an additional reward for the first Vault you open that day.

  • The volume of the sound effect for opening a Vault has been reduced.

Core Tech
  • Installer: Windows prerequisites to run Shardbound (Visual Studio redistributables, universal CRT DLLs) are now distributed directly with the Shardbound client instead of relying on separate installers from Microsoft. This should help some users with older systems who previously ran into system “missing DLL” errors when launching the game (especially on Windows 7 or 8.1 systems that don’t run Windows Update regularly).

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the client would freeze if a card was played from a full hand that bounced a minion back to the hand (e.g. playing Tease Fate with 10 cards in hand).
  • Fixed a bug where making an exact copy of a Lightspear Justicar would cause the new clone to gain 2 Lightspears after each attack.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause word wrapping to incorrectly move a word to the next line for certain fonts.
  • Pressing enter after typing your display name at new account creation now properly submits that name.
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong player name would appear on the Victory Screen when spectating a game from Player 2’s perspective.
  • The option to Spectate a friend is now disabled while you are an active player in a game.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause players to disconnect at the end of a match, missing the Victory/Defeat screen

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Hi, Everybody!
We’re kicking off a pretty big week at Spiritwalk - we’ve got some major changes coming to the game this week in our patch, which is tentatively scheduled to drop on Thursday instead of our typical Tuesday update. We’re working on a number of long term progression systems, so we wanted to secure a few days of extra testing to ensure a smooth rollout.

Incoming: Shardfall System Revisions
The changes to the Shardfall system we alluded to last week are expected to come in our upcoming patch. In order to address the problems we’ve heard from players around unlocking vaults, we’ve decided to detach the central progression system of the game (Unlocking Vaults) from the House System. Here’s what you can expect:
  • Your House affiliations will be unchanged.
  • All players will have their own Shardfalls.
  • Shards will have 3 Pylons, consisting of a Play Games Pylon, Win Games Pylon, and a Unique Pylon that will encourage unique strategies.
  • Pylons, if triggered, will unlock one of 9 seals on the vault. Three can be triggered by a single game. This replaces the percentage based completion system.
  • House play continues to be very important to us, and will be reintroduced in a future patch.
All in all, we are hoping this system addresses the very consistent feedback we’ve received on the existing system, particularly around the inconsistency in the rate of unlocking vaults, difficulty for new players, and situations where players were not being appropriately rewarded for their efforts.
For more context and information, please check out the VOD of our most recent Dev Stream. Here’s a link for precisely when we dive into the details: April 20 Dev Stream @ 17:30

Incoming: Rewards System Enhancements
We’re introducing some new systems with this patch as well, also targeting the rate players are acquiring rewards and loot in the game. Expect to see these new systems in play:
  • An explicit reward for your First Win of the Day.
  • Bonus loot for your First Vault of the Day.
  • Three rewards that can be unlocked on a weekly basis by acquiring wins.
  • A suite of in-game achievements which drop rewards and unlock steam achievements.
Previously, we only had the notion of a First Win of the Day, which impacted your vault opening in inconsistent ways and could be wasted on nearly unlocked vaults. With its overhaul and the addition of these new systems, there should be a lot more loot to earn in Shardbound, and new players should have a much easier time building up their collections. Note that these systems will replace the initial grant of 30 boxes we are currently issuing upon completion of the tutorial, and should amount to much greater total rewards.
Will plan on adding additional achievements over time in our patches, so be sure to let us know which ones you enjoy the most!
Hunter will be firing up the Spiritwalk Dev Stream at 4pm on Thursday to chat, answer your questions, and possibly try to farm himself some achievements himself! Join us here!

Incoming: Packrunner Revisions (Part 2)
Juro and his Primal friends will continue to see some reworks and new content this week as well. Exactly what’s coming with this week’s patch isn’t locked down as of the writing of this update, but you can certainly expect something to be dropping each week (from tuning to full reworks) for the foreseeable future.
In other news, the Eagle Primal has been redubbed the Splinterwing Primal, gaining its art treatment and new gameplay around dealing double damage to wounded minions.

Fan Art Friday
We’re huge fans of Shardbound Fan Art! We will be featuring our favorite piece that gets posted on Twitter this week with the hashtag #ShardboundFanArt, and its creator will receive 10 Card Boxes. Artists have until 10AM PDT on Friday to post and tag their submissions. Good luck!

And More…
While the team has been very focused for the most part on the Shardfall System and Reward updates, some additional things are in flight. The engineers are continuing to work on client stability, and will be ushering a host of backend changes to our next build. These include a fix to some installation issues keeping players from getting into the game, and some disconnects that are periodically causing trouble at the end of matches. Also, we’re excited to get some of the digital rewards out to our Kickstarter backers this week!
Remember to join us on social media, hop in our discord or subreddit, and catch our weekly dev streams. Have a great week, and hope to see you in Shardbound!
  • Your friends at Spiritwalk

Hunter and Alex (Zalgus and Gasty) gave us a small preview of the progression changes on a Dev Stream today. You can watch it here, but here is a quick overview below:

The first big change is that Vaults will be single player, with three Pylons to power things up. These Pylon quests will feature one random challenge (win a game with a certain faction, certain units, certain amount of HP, assorted deckbuilding challenges, etc.) along with the remaining two quests that will stay the same - Play a Game and Win a Game. (And no, you cannot cheese play a game by conceding ;D)

The multiplayer house system will move to a different unannounced progression system that will be on top of the single player vaults in the future, so that people can complete both eventually. The Twitch Shards, however, will remain the same.

Next we have the login rewards and win bonuses! The above is a mockup and not finalized, but players can gain rewards for logging in over the month (with rewards on 24 days out of the month), getting their first win of the day, and having 9 wins over the course of the week. Additionally, there's an achievements tab, with rewards being given for achievements completed (for example - red cards as a reward for winning with a red deck.) These achievements are also tied to your steam account for those internet bragging points.

Finally we had a sneak peek at a new unit, the Splinterwing Primal (ex Eagle Primal), who shoots projectiles from his wings. Check him out when he appears in the next patch! However, you will have to wait for the progression changes, as they require more testing before they launch to live servers. Let Spiritwalk know what you think in the Discord or the Subreddit!

Shardveil now supports linking with your Shardbound account. This allows you to export the decks that you have built in-game directly to the Deckbuilder in order to share with your friends and write epic guides! To get started, head over to the Deckbuilder.

After clicking the Link button, you'll be prompted to sign into your Steam account. If you have an early Shardveil Alpha account, you can use your e-mail and password instead.

After logging in, a permissions prompt will be displayed. This validates that we'll have access to your profile (deck list). Your login credentials are never shared with Shardveil, and this link persists for 30 days.

After accepting the permissions prompt, you should see a successful link message. You can now close this window and the main linking page will refresh.

You'll now be able to see a list of decks from your Shardbound account. Simply select the deck you wish to import, and you'll be taken to the Deckbuilder that is already set up with the Hero, Cards and Title from in-game. From there, you can click Save and begin writing your guide and giving out your pro tips.

We hope you enjoy this feature. As always, your feedback is welcome and appreciated!

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Patch Notes - New Quartermaster art and Packrunner reworks

New Art
  • Quartermaster now has art!

Card Changes
Developer Note: This week will be the first of a few that see changes to Packrunner (Yellow) cards. Our goal with these changes are to help differentiate playstyles of Yellow from other factions and from themselves, as well as increase Yellow’s effectiveness across the board. Expect that multiple cards per week will be tuned, reworked or simply replaced before these changes are complete. As with all aspects of Shardbound, feedback on these changes is very useful to the process.

  • Idol of Reckoning has been reworked into a new card: Idol of Kinship
    • Yellow 0/4 Artifact minion for 2.
    • After you summon a non-Primal minion, lose 1 health and summon a Spirit Primal next to it.
  • Beloved Trainer has been replaced by Rites Reader
    • Yellow 3/3 Melee minion for 2.
    • Warcry: Draw a card for each injured enemy.
  • Tribe Warrior has been reworked.
    • Yellow 3/6 Melee minion for 3.
    • After you summon a minion, deal 1 damage to a random adjacent enemy.
  • Ancient Caller has been reworked.
    • Yellow 2/2 Melee minion for 3.
    • Deathhowl: Summon 2 Spirit Primals next to this minion.
  • To Me! has been reworked.
    • Yellow Spell for 2.
    • Charm all friendly minions.
  • Thundering Giant has been reworked.
    • Neutral Legendary 6/9 Melee minion for 7.
    • Warcry: Destroy all enemy minions within 2 tiles that cost 2 or less.
  • Stonecall Seedling’s Angry Stones are now Uncontrollable.
  • Swift Strike cost increased to 3 from 2. Spirit Primals summoned increased to 2 from 1.
  • Pack Lord health increased to 5 from 4.
  • Menagerie cost reduced to 6 from 7.
  • Wolf Primal cost increased to 2 from 1. Stats increased to 4/3 from 3/2.
  • Shade Health reduced to 3 from 4.
  • Dancer Attack reduced to 3 from 4.
  • Dark Traveler will now display its gained stats as base stats (white values) instead of buffed stats (green values) to better communicate its gameplay.

Options Menu
  • The default graphics quality level no longer defaults to “High” for all players. New players with lower-end graphics cards should now have it set to a more appropriate lower setting by default.

  • You will now always spectate games from the perspective of the player you are spectating, instead of always spectating the player who went first in the game.

Core Tech
Developer Note: We are continuing work improving performance on lower end machines, and are particularly interested in crashes due to graphics drivers hanging. The changes below may help alleviate these crashes, so we would love to hear how the patch affects you.
  • GPU performance for Embassy Gardens, where the Prologue takes place, has been improved by ~25% on low end graphics hardware.
  • GPU performance for Broken Mesa, has been improved by ~10% on low end graphics hardware.
  • Loading into levels is now significantly less hitchy.

  • Server status notifications can now be pushed to the client and will show up as a ticker in the upper right of the client. This will be used to provide updates during the patching process.

  • Third party API now supports Steam login.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug with Lifespark’s tooltip when used on Lifelike Statue.
  • Fixed a bug with Fear where non-adjacent fears were slightly undervalued (resulted in occasional 1 tile fears where a longer fear would be expected).
  • Fixed a bug where Skywatch Dragoon would not destroy a Skyborne Crusader under rare circumstances.
  • Units with 0 or less health can no longer be healed (prevents zombie-Sabine).
  • Fix for Stormbell Adept’s death sound playing when the game is muted.
  • Fixed a bug where Warcrys would not play the full animation in the Card Details screen.
  • Fixed a bug where Flyers would move 1 tile too far in some cases when Charmed.
  • Shutting off the servers for maintenance will now log all players out, so certain hooligans should not be able to keep their client connected for the duration.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause corrupted tile and rock geometry on Broken Mesa on low end graphics hardware.