Website has been updated with all new/changed cards, plus filtering has been added to the Deckbuilder!

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What a great Kickstarter campaign that was! We are all incredibly humbled by the support you've shown us, and now it's time to start discussing what comes next. This will be a bit of a long update since we have a lot to cover!

I'm sure you're all curious about how you will get your Kickstarter rewards. Let's go through them!

Every tier has some number of boxes that will grant you cards in game (read our Reddit post for details). In order to give maximum flexibility in how you use your rewards, we will be emailing you a key that you can redeem in game for your boxes. Kickstarter's website will be providing us with a final list of backers 14 days after the campaign ended, so we are aiming to send out these keys around the release of our Steam Early Access launch on April 6th. We will be sure to send a Kickstarter update when those keys go out so you know to look for them.

For those of you who backed at a tier containing the exclusive card back and/or airship, those rewards will be granted by redeeming this key. However, those rewards will require us to build support into the game, so will not be available for use immediately. Check out the development plan below for details!

The digital items are going to be sent out via Kickstarter updates to the backers at each tier. We are currently finalizing the wallpaper art and they will be sent shortly. The digitial art book, soundtrack and character assets will follow that as they get finished. Work is still in-progress on each of those, so we will keep you all updated on how they're going.

Next up are the physical rewards. This includes the posters and physical art books. We will need to collect mailing addresses for these, so expect a survey to show up in your inbox shortly. Please make sure your address is correct and is somewhere that will accept packages. The deadline for getting us your address is 3 weeks after we send the survey, so don't delay! We are aiming to have the posters sent in one month, and the art book will take a bit of time after that.

Last but not least are the design a card, spell and house banner tiers! We will be reaching out to backers at those tiers individually in the next few weeks. These rewards will need to be coordinated with our development schedule, and also require some one-on-one time with our designers, so they will take the longest for us to deliver.

Work is already underway for the stretch goals! Each of these features is worth of an update on their own, but we want to give you an idea of how we are organizing the work. Here's a quick rundown of our list, as we currently have it prioritized:

  • Progression: Card Unlocks, Boxes, Earned Currency, and the Store (In-Progress)
  • Steam Integration (In-Progress)
  • Mori and Juro Missions (In-Progress)
  • Mac Client (In-Progress)
  • Advanced Camera Controls
  • Card Backs
  • Airships & Airship Presence on Shardfalls
  • House Customization & Banners
  • Tournament Spectator

This list does not contain all the features we have planned for Shardbound once we reach Steam Early Access, but we have to keep some things a surprise ;) Expect those to be slotted in as we are ready to talk about them.

Join Zalgus and The_Nade on Thursday from 11 AM - 2 PM PDT on our Twitch channel for a special livestream! We'll be looking at tons of artwork and talking about how the art and design teams worked together to bring the world of Shardbound to life! There'll probably be some sneak peaks of new content that'll be coming soon to a Shardfall near you as well, so don't miss it!

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New Art
  • Visefang Primal now has art!

Hero Changes
  • Petra’s Gizmos health reduced to 1 from 2.

New Cards
  • The Lifespark
    • Legendary
    • Green 5/8 for 5
    • Choose a friendly artifact. Exile it, then summon this in its place and gain its card text.
  • Rook
    • Neutral 2/6 for 3
    • Can move any distance in a line. Gain +1 Attack this turn for each tile moved.
Card Renames
  • Bear Primal -> Visefang Primal
  • Totem Whisperer -> Seedsinger (wasn’t actually in Week 31’s patch)

Card Changes
  • Cards now have Rarities - Note that this rarity is first pass and is subject to change before Progression is live.
  • Runebound Valet has been remade.
    • Neutral 3/6 for 3
    • After you a cast a spell, deal 1 damage and knock back all adjacent enemies.
  • Petrify may no longer target friendly minions.
  • Bellowing Giant health reduced to 4 from 5.
  • Soul Shifter health reduced to 4 from 5.
  • Voice of the Squall now a 4/6, down from 5/7.
  • Quality of Life - Rift Trickster will now draw LoS lines to allies as well as enemies while moving.

Card Removal
  • General’s Horn
  • Sparktreader

Gameplay System Changes
  • Fear - Fear has been reworked to reduce randomness. Feared targets will now try to flee directly away from the Fearer’s location. Flying units and units with increased/reduced movement will now take those factors into account when being Feared.
  • Fatigue - Fatigue damage now happens simultaneously to all units on a team, instead of one at a time. This fixes some strange visuals and inconsistent On-Death procs.

Shardfall Changes
  • All Shardfalls will now have 5 pylons consistently, instead of between 4 to 5 at random.
  • The chance a Shardfall will have an epic or legendary pylon has been increased slightly.
  • The amount of power generated by common pylons has been increased by 33%.
  • The amount of power generated by rare pylons has been increased by 33%.
  • The amount of power generated by epic pylons has been increased by 7%.
  • The guaranteed pylon that every Shard contains has been changed to be “Deal damage to enemies” instead of “Win with any army”.
    • Note: This is to guarantee you’ll make progress even on a loss, and it will naturally scale with longer games, appropriately awarding you more power for them than shorter ones (as you’ll deal more total damage in longer duration games on average).**
  • “Deal damage to enemies” is now rare, up from common.
  • “Win with your hero scoring the killing blow” has been removed.
    • Note: People conceding was negatively impacting the ability to do this objective, so we’ve opted to remove it.**
  • “Win with NO spells” has been changed to “Win with 2 spells or less”.
  • “Win with <faction> or <faction>” is now rare, up from common.
  • “Win with <faction> is now epic, up from rare.
  • “Win with your hero at full Health” is now legendary, up from epic.
  • The chance to get Card Boxes instead of just Chroma from a Vault has been increased.

Options Menu
  • Added an option to mute audio when the game window is in the background.

  • Houses are now limited to a maximum of 150 players.

  • You may now add more than 30 cards to a deck (up to 99) in the Barracks. Decks are invalid until the number of cards is reduced back to 30.
  • Heroes now have more VO lines exposed for playback in the card details view.
  • Deck editor now recognizes and saves deck name capitalization changes.
  • Fixed a bug where mana amounts of 10 and above would have their text clipped on the card bar inside of a decklist.
  • Fixed a bug that was sometimes preventing the Barracks Mana buttons from properly scrolling to the correct mana card section.

  • Vault progress notifications and individual contributor percent now both display one digit of precision (from 3 and 0).
  • The tooltips for Exile and Upgrade have been updated to hopefully be more clear.
  • There is now a period of additional delay after replacing cards during Mulligan to give the player time to evaluate what new cards were drawn before transitioning them into the Hand.

Bug Fixes
  • Vault contribution rating may now increase due to other players completing games, if the new number of contributors pushes the existing contribution percent over the required amount for the new rating.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause players to stop receiving Shardfall and other other updates after reconnecting to the social servers.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause Spectators to skip the Victory or Defeat screen at the end of the game.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the client to believe a Shardfall Vault was complete when the percent completion was very close to 100%.
  • The Pylon “Play 3 cards in one turn” may now be triggered multiple times in one game.
  • Fixed a bug where Spirit Binder’s bind could be broken by certains effects on other units.
  • Fixed a bug where Tinker Master, Perfected Specimen and Temporal Drifter couldn’t be affected by some cost buffs or debuffs.
  • Fixed a bug where cost increase (such as Weavebreaker) couldn’t affect Upgrade cards.
  • Auras based on adjacency (such as Groveguard) will now fall off correctly if that unit has been Stone Prison’ed.
  • Fixed a missing word in Juro’s ability tooltip.
  • Shanker now plays the correct animations in the Card Details screen.
  • Skyborne Crusader no longer gets his wing effects stuck on if attacking as the turn ends.
  • Zephyr Monk can now correctly target Lifelike Statue.
  • Splash no longer hits burrowed targets.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Win with an army that has an average mana cost of 4.0 or higher” pylon quest was only giving 50% as much power as it should.

Shardbound's Kickstarter has completed with 3721 backers pledging $151,421 to help out Spiritwalk's Shardbound dreams become reality! Also, it means that the third stretch goal of 150k has been hit, meaning a Mac Client and Enhanced Camera Controls are now in the works!

While the last hours of the Kickstarter were winding down, Gasty started an AMA on /r/gamedev where you can post and ask him questions about Shardbound or just general gaming industry questions. You can check it out here:

Alternatively you can check out all of Gasty's answers in the thread with our Spirittracker here!

Zalgus did another Dev stream today where he answered questions about the latest patch, showed off more concept art and actually won games on stream! Hooray! Check out the concept art goodies below!

Preview of Visefang Primal's New Model (Previously Bear Primal)

Yellow Minion Concept Arts:

Pack Awakener

Alpha Packmaster

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Hello folks! It's been a few exciting weeks for us with both the deluge of new features and the closing days of the Kickstarter, which of course has led to much busy-ness! Let's dig in to it!

A simple Dibs Den this week, not dissimilar from the ones on Artifacts and Ranged Minions - this week is all about Spells! As I continue to scrutinize Factions looking for improvements to be made, I often find myself overlooking Spells. I've felt like we have had a lot of changes to minions since the start of the Pre-Alpha, but in a lot of cases Spells have remained pretty similar. Is it because they're perfect? Probably not!

Let me run over some general bits about Spells, then I'll poke and prod you all for feedback.

Spells and You!
  • Strongest Instant Effects - While there are plenty of strong standalone instant effects in Shardbound, Spells generally rank among the strongest. Without a pesky body weighing them down, Spells simply have more point allocation to work with when designing their effectiveness.
  • Comeback and Deck Definers - Spells' strength leads them to have huge impact on play. Spells are the kings of the comeback, often being the only recourse in a losing situation. Spells often help define deck playstyles, focusing all of their value into the playstyle rather than split between body and effect.
  • Maximum Excitement - Since spells are instant and from hand, their full strength is brought to bear immediately unlike minions. This often leads them to being some of the most exciting moments in Shardbound (and most CCGs).
  • Counterable - One of the first levels of mastery in CCGs is knowing "What could my opponent play next turn?". It's our goal that when it comes to spells, action can be taken to reduce their impact - whether that be through taking cover, splitting units up, (more rarely) withholding key cards from play, or other strategies. While this won't always be true, particularly when combo'ed with minions or other spells, rarely should it feel like you ran into uncounterable spell after uncounterable spell.

Alright, on to the questions! Pleas let me know your feelings about Spells!
  • What are your favorite Spells in Shardbound? Least Favorite?
  • How much agency do you feel you have to play around spells?
  • Are there Spells you consider auto-include in every deck of a given Faction? Any that you would never consider?
  • What would you like to see more of in Spells? Less of?
  • While we've had an example or two in the past, we recently re-introduced Legendary Spells. How do these make you feel? Interested in more in the future?

That's it for Dibs Den this week! Onwards to the final few days of the Kickstarter!

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Hey everybody!  We are in our last week of the Kickstarter campaign, and there's lots to share!

Our Official Spiritwalk Stream will be going live on Thursday at 11 AM - 2 PM PDT. Hosted by Hunter "Zalgus" Howe, we will be talking about the upcoming Steam release, previewing our next patch and playing a few games. Maybe Hunter will even win a match this time?!

There's also a great lineup of streamers planning on playing Shardbound for the last few days of the campaign.

Day[9] is streaming right now at Jump in and play alongside him, or just enjoy his unending wit! He will be live until 7 PM PDT.

In addition, we have Swiftor at noon PDT on Wednesday and Friday, and Dodger at 3 PM PDT on Thursday (playing with our community manager Jeannie for extra LOLs). There are a handful of additional streamers who may be showing up as well, so check them all out from the Shardbound Twitch directory at

Through all of your incredible support, we have hit our $125k stretch goal for Mori and Juro's missions! The team has been discussing how we want to dive into our first PvE campaign content, and how to introduce new players to Mori and Juro's unique gameplay. We're excited to show how the events of the tutorial impacted these characters - from Mori's discovery of a massive timespace anomaly to Juro's realization of an existential threat to all Primal-kind.

We have an exciting stretch goal up next at $150k. It is a double-feature, including both a native Mac client and enhanced camera controls! A bunch of you have asked about a Mac port, so we would love to hit that one. Let your friends know that these are the last few days to back Shardbound before the campaign ends! If we hit that $150k mark, we will be revealing yet another stretch goal.

 We also wanted to share a sneak peak at the new unit that's coming online in the next patch. The Visefang primal ("The Unit Formerly Known as Bear Primal") was designed by Nicholas Kole, and modeled and textured by Tony Jung.

A bit from the book of lore on the Visefang Primal:

The Packrunner motto refers to their style of combat with their Primal comrades: "Side by Side." Few exemplify it like the loyal Visefang Primal, who is strongest when protecting their human partner - either at their side, or aggressively hunting their most dangerous foe.

Check out the model here:

Thank you again for all of your support! Here are a few ways you can keep up with Shardbound:

Our awesome Discord:

The Shardbound Subreddit:

Watch Shardbound Streams:



As always, the site will be updated with patch changes as soon as possible after the patch goes live. Also check back as we'll be updating with screenshots from the Zalgus Patch Livestream with previews of features in the next patch, concept art, and other goodies!

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Patch Notes - Week 31

New Art
  • Skyborne Crusader now has his model back from Wynn (and new effects!)
  • Buccaneer has replaced Lightdancer in Tutorial Mission 4
  • A significant number of units have had art tweaks, such as improved materials or animation adjustments, as part of adding the card details feature.
Hero Changes
Petra’s ability has been replaced with a new one: “Add a Modular Gizmo to your hand”
  • Modular Gizmo
    • Red Melee 2/2 for 1 mana with “Has 2 random Upgrades!” (see Upgrade explanation in the New Cards section below)
    • Upgrade (1): Gain +1/+1
    • Upgrade (1): Flying
    • Upgrade (1): Charge
    • Upgrade (1): Gain Ranged
    • Upgrade (1): Poison
    • Upgrade (1): Damage Shield
New Cards
New Keyword: Upgrade - Upgrade cards may pay additional mana beyond the base cost when played to gain bonus effects. All “Choose One” Mechs in Red have been changed to be Upgrade units.

  • Hound Class Mech
    • Red Melee 3/1 with Charge for 1 mana
    • Upgrade (1): +2 Health
    • Upgrade (2): +4 Health

  • Outlaw Class Mech (previously Raid Class Mech)
    • Red Melee 4/4 with +1 Movement for 2 mana
    • Upgrade (1): -1/-2, gain Ranged
    • Upgrade (2): +4 Health

  • Raptor Class Mech (previously Seeker Bot)
    • Red Melee 4/4 with Flying for 3 mana
    • Upgrade (1): Restore Health to your hero equal to the damage dealt
    • Upgrade (2): Splash

  • Valiant Class Mech
    • Red Melee 8/7 for 5 mana
    • Upgrade (1): Damage Shield
    • Upgrade (2): Shroud

  • Storm Class Mech
    • Red Ranged 4/5 for 6 mana
    • Upgrade (1): +2 Attack
    • Upgrade (2): Splash

  • Creation Specialist
    • Red Melee 3/6 Legendary for 4 mana
    • Whenever this minion deals damage, draw a card. If that card is a minion, it costs 2 less.
Card Renames
  • Skilled Carver → Concord Artisan
  • Unstable Rift → Fork Existence
  • Master Templar → Ardent Inquisitor
  • Mountain Miner → Vein Waker
  • The Mountain → Axelle the Unbroken
  • Hadrien The Stalwart → Hadrien, the White Rook
  • Inspired Paladin → Blade of Valor
  • Factory Bot → Upgrade Depot
  • Radiant Spear (Lightspear Justicar’s spell token) → Lightspear
  • Vibranium Knight → Shield of Durant
  • Wild Sprite Tamer → Wildlight Wrangler
  • Phalanx Regular → Phalanx Fighter
  • Mob Leader → Rabble Rouser
  • To The Skies! → Ascension
  • Master of Deception → Master of Faces
  • The High Shepherd → High Shepherd Katell
  • Barricade Exosuit → Blockade Forger
  • Bolter Tech → Armory Gunner
  • Overwatch Exosuit → Targeting Frame
  • Upgrade Technician → Upgrade Engineer
  • Mimic → The Eternity Prism
  • Seeker Bot → Raptor Class Mech
  • Raid Class Mech → Outlaw Class Mech

Card Changes
  • Zephyr Monk no longer grants Charge. Health increased to 3 from 2.
  • Narciso, Sarcone Assassin now gains +1/+1 after using his ability.
  • Bellowing Giant’s warcry no longer affects heroes. Health reduced to 5 from 6.
  • Thundering Giant’s stats reduced and cost increased, it is now a 6/6 for 7, down from 7/7 for 6.
  • Soul Shifter cost increased to 5 from 4.
  • Become Dust can now target enemy minions (will distribute those stats amongst other enemy minions).
  • Wrenchman Health increased to 3 from 2.
  • Nanobot Attack decreased to 1 from 2.
  • Crystal Queen’s passive behavior updated to match Warp Specialists: exile will always occur after other on-damage effects in the trade.

Card Removal
  • Assault Class Mech
Gameplay System Changes
  • New Fatigue System - When you run out of cards to draw, it no longer spawns lava. Instead, all of your units begin burning. Any time you fail to draw a card your hero and all of your minions will take damage equal to the number of card draw attempts since that unit existed.
Shardfall Changes
  • The Observatory button on the House island has been removed, and you will now automatically join a new Shardfall after completing one.
  • You may now see and request Twitch Shardfalls for members within the same Outpost.
  • Twitch events that allow players to submit decks will now allow you to re-submit a new deck. The new deck replaces the old submission for that player.
  • Vault Progression v1 is now live! - Vaults can now be opened when you fully power them. The more power you personally contribute, the higher tier your Vault will be. Higher tier Vaults give you more rewards. (Note: You cannot actually open the boxes or spend the Chroma you get from Vaults yet, that will be coming in a later patch.)
  • Medframe Tech will now play her special VO lines for all “Class Mechs”, not just Hound and Valiant.
  • You may now access the Social Panel before completing the tutorial, allowing you to add friends and join a house right away. Some functionality is unavailable before reaching the house island, including: Spectation, Duels, and Twitch Shardfalls.
  • Twitch names will now respect Twitch display name capitalization preferences.
  • Twitch account name changes will now be detected and updated automatically. Note that in order to detect the change, a streamer needs to start their broadcast with the changed name. Name changes will apply to new Shardfalls and Twitch events only.
Core Tech
  • The game is now able to remain playable when unable to connect to our social servers. This should help reduce interruption due to network issues. In this state you will need to manually refresh your friend list if you are sending or receiving any invites.
  • Login process has been sped up slightly, especially for users with a large number of friends.
  • New UI Screen - Vault Power Summary: When you finish a PvP match on a Shardfall, you will now see a summary of the amount of power you provided to the Vault.
  • New UI Screen - Card Details: Right-clicking on a card in the barracks will now take you to the details view for that card, allowing you to view its 3D model, play its animations, listen to its VO lines, and read an overview of its fiction. This is also the screen where you’ll be able to purchase units with Chroma (In-game currency), though this feature isn’t complete yet, and subsequently is both disabled and is showing inaccurate prices.
  • The barracks has had a visual update to make it more stylistically consistent with the new card details screen.
  • You may now scroll down to view older events in the Turn History UI.
  • Your custom decks in the Barracks are now sorted by color, then deck name.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where a copied Vaast, The Last Pilot with 1 round remaining of countdown would double up his warning effects inappropriately.
  • Fixed a bug where Advanced Scout’s buff wasn’t being correctly consumed when some units (such as Master of Deception) was played.
  • Fixed a bug where Flesh Pile’s effect would not re-apply correctly after being floated (such as from Stone Prison).
  • Shadow Dancer will now correctly display enemy line of sight beams when previewing its ability.
  • Thrall Mutation’s text has been updated slightly to more correctly indicate using Thrall Mutation more than twice (such as in random decks).
  • Bone Eater and Perfected Specimen now have Thrall as associated cards.
  • Fixed a bug where Moya’s ability would assert when attempting to draw the target back to Moya’s current hex (this is a temp fix that simply makes this tile untargetable).
  • Fixed a bug where targeted Charm/Fear cards couldn’t be played on a board where all the targets available couldn’t be moved.
  • Fixed a bug where Tinker Master’s cost wasn’t be reset correctly when played, allowing him to be targeted by effects such as Thundering Giant.
  • Fixed a bug where if the closest unit to an Uncontrollable unit is completely walled off by boulders or Halt Spaces tiles, the uncontrollable unit would show an error and be sad.
  • Fixed a bug where abilities and spells that moved units was not triggering threat range indicators.
  • Fixed a crash when first logging in or when connecting to game caused by third party network monitors (and malware), such as Lavasoft’s Web Companion.
  • Fixed for significant hitching/lockup when the connection to the game servers is interrupted.
  • Fixed a long hitch that could occur when casting Scrap or other beam-style effects.
  • Fixed a bug where the player would return to the Overworld in weird state if they left their house (and therefore active Shardfall) during a game.
  • Fixed a variety of scenarios where friends would appear with the incorrect online status.
  • Fixed a bug where house stats overview was showing the incorrect player with most wins.
  • Fixed a bug caused by colon characters in house names by not allowing house names to contain colons.

Vault Progress Screen

Charged Vault with the Loot Box Reward!

Loot Box Rewards - Chroma is Crafting And Spending Currency

Brand New Card Details Page With Models, Lore, Animations and Voice Lines!

Concept Art!


Corpse Wagon

New Map Designs (In Progress - Currently Using Broken Mesa Tileset)

Lost Highlands

Frozen Rampart