By: Shardveil
, August 09, 2017, 05:08:49 PM

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New Art
  • Cannoneer now has art!

Card Changes
  • Astral Champion
    • Attack reduced to 1, down from 2.

  • Duskblade
    • Card effect changed to “Has Poison against enemies that are at full Health”.

  • Guerilla Raider
    • Health reduced to 3, down from 4.

  • Nature’s Herald
    • Health reduced to 8, down from 9.

  • Tracker Primal
    • Attack reduced to 4, down from 5.

  • Primeval Exalt
    • Attack reduced to 2, down from 6.
    • Health reduced to 2, down from 6.
    • Now gains +2/+2 per friendly minion, up from +1/+1.

  • Quantum Turnkey
    • Cost reduced to 3, down from 4.

  • Zephyr Monk
    • Card effect changed to “Warcry: Give adjacent allies +3 Movement this turn”.

  • Astral Pattern: Domination has been updated to require an 8 Attack Astral Champion.

  • All four tutorial missions have had the narrative cutscenes removed to make them significantly shorter. The storytelling components are planned to be reintroduced in a campaign mode further into development.

  • On enemy card overdraw, the card is now revealed and animates flipping over and burning.
  • On enemy card discard, the card is now revealed and animates flipping over and leaving the hand.
  • Cards added to the deck from a target will now animate from the target to the deck. For example, cards generated by Stellar Replicas will animate from the target to the deck.
  • Cards that are bounced to a full hand are now exiled and the card animates burning instead of returning to the hand.

Core Tech
  • We’ve upgraded Unreal engine to version 4.16. In general you shouldn’t notice this, but a lot of things have changed so if you see any unusual bugs, especially with graphics or performance, please let us know.

Time Bank
  • Critical time now begins at 30 seconds, up from 25.
  • Ending your turn any time before critical time now banks a flat +5 seconds instead of a dynamic range based on remaining turn time.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where Viperfang Primal’s poison would interact incorrectly with Splash.
  • Fixed a bug where Crystal Queen killing enemy minions would incorrectly send them to the Graveyard.
  • Fixed a bug where Warp Specialist killing enemy Deathhowl minions would incorrectly allow their Deathhowl to trigger.
  • Fix for a common animation pop when Buccaneer kills an enemy with his ability.
  • Made the word “of” lowercase in card names to make it consistent.
  • Disabled a network feature that may have been causing reconnect issues for some players.
  • Fixed the time bank showing an incorrect value upon reconnect.
  • [Mac] Fixed a number of non-Nvidia cards complaining about no cooked SM4 shaders. They should now properly load the SM5 shaders, and allow the game to run.